January 15, 2004 - Dr. Dean visits Creston.  His tour bus entourage makes a stop at the Windrow Restaurant at 6PM.  Dr. Dean gives a motivational speech and talks in depth with many local people.  He is introduced by Sen. Tom Harkin.

Here are a few pictures from this event:





November 15, 2003 - Jefferson Jackson Day Dinner at Vets Auditorium in Des Moines.  Caucus training and a Dean Rally were held in the afternoon at Central Campus.  About 2500 Dean supporters were there.

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Linda Huffman & Judy Woods

ASCFME Plus others

Dick Myers - a great chairperson for Iowans for Dean

Educators love Dr. Dean too!!

The crowd waiting for Howard

What a message!!

Everyone should have health care!!


2 million people giving $100 each!!

47 busses full of Dean supporters, all fed and ready for action

Dr. Dean addressing 8,000 strong

Masses of people